Kids take longer time to swallow food than normal

You must be very vigilant when dealing with kids.

What happen to your kids that have been eating before but can’t eat by themselves again?

Or the kid is taking longer time to swallow food than normal. There is nothing to worry about as this article will try to address the issue.

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You need to ask this question

Has the child been tested for swallow reflex?

Reflux/ indigestion?

Is the kid having Food allergies/ intolerances???

You need to know as a parent that If something makes your kids uncomfortable they won’t eat.

Also Autism/ sensory disorders may be the reason for your kids not to be able to swallow.

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Is there any major changes in the life of your kid recently???

Did your kid swallow any harmful substances?

Above all, you need to sit down your kids and ask them these questions or better still take the kid to an hospital.

Please help is wealth

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