How do you all feel about logical consequences?

How do you all feel about logical consequences?

A natural consequence of choosing not to wear a coat outside in the winter months is that you will feel cold.

A logical consequence would be if your child is not playing safely, they take a break or play another activity.

The above logical consequence could look different for every family based on how the family determines the consequence.

Creating logical consequences can be stressful for parents. And always enforcing them is a challenge too. 

Here are some things to consider while making them.

1. Consider the “Why” behind your child's behavior.

2. Is this logical consequence relevant to the behavior, realistic, and respectful?

3. Take a deep breath.

A logical consequence that I have seen work well is losing privileges. 

For example, If your child is talking back to you about a media/phone usage rule and expectation, said media/phone can be taken away until the next day.

I’m curious to hear what your logical consequences are for your kiddos.

 Thank you for sharing!

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