autonomy supportive parenting

autonomy supportive parenting

Autonomy supportive parenting is a parenting style that emphasizes a child's autonomy, or the ability to make their own decisions and choices.

 Autonomy supportive parenting involves:

  1. Providing children with choices: Autonomy supportive parents allow children to make their own decisions and choices, within limits, and encourage them to think for themselves.

  2. Supporting children's interests and passions: Autonomy supportive parents support their children's interests and passions and encourage them to explore and pursue their own interests.

  3. Providing guidance and support: Autonomy supportive parents provide guidance and support to their children, but allow them to make their own decisions and mistakes.

  4. Encouraging open communication: Autonomy supportive parents encourage open communication with their children and value their children's perspectives and opinions.

Overall, autonomy supportive parenting is a style of parenting that emphasizes a child's autonomy and encourages children to think for themselves, explore their own interests, and make their own decisions. 

This style of parenting can help children develop independence, self-confidence, and self-regulation skills.

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