Teaching a 16 year old son how to use condom

Teaching a 16 year old son how to use condom 

Comprehensive Sex education is a long process . It starts from 6 months of age ( bodily autonomy) .

 So if you are on such a teaching right from beginning taught your son about human anatomy, physiology,. etc etc  it's easy to teach now about condom . Straight a way directly about condom is bit tough and confusing for the child to understand.

As a parent, Explain why and how. 

 I always used a cucumber and then everybody put a condom  on it and then flung it at each other.

 As in they will know how to out one on. But also breaks the stress of a serious convo but making it funny. 

The girls always ended up blowing them up to see if they really broke lol. 

They get huge!! I also always had a bowl with condoms out from 13ish on for them or any friends that needed one.

My mother took every single one of my friends at this age, who came to our house & gave them the "flashlight lecture". 

Taught us all how to put one on using the prop. She always made a point to put one on her foot and illustrate that no man was too big for one. 

She discussed all of the risks of not using one, correctly. Then she told them all that she would have a drawer constantly full of condoms and any one was welcome to any amount and she wasn't keeping track. None of those friends ended up with HIV or unwanted pregnancies. 25+ years later many of them referr to that lecture with happiness and fun.

Other Methods of teaching your son how to use condom

Send him appropriate youtube videos- 

1. About picking the right size
2. About proper wear and use
3. About proper 
4. About why they are necessary. If you can find on that covers all the bases in under 5 minutes, that would be best

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