The impact of parental alienation on a child's overall well-being
The impact of parental alienation on a child's overall well-being

Parental alienation can have serious and lasting impacts on a child's overall well-being. It can cause emotional distress, confusion, and feelings of betrayal in children.

 It can also interfere with the child's ability to form and maintain healthy relationships, both with the targeted parent and with others.

Children who experience parental alienation may also experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues as a result.

 In severe cases, parental alienation can even lead to physical harm to the child or the targeted parent.

It is important for parents and other caregivers to be aware of the potential negative impacts of parental alienation and to take steps to protect children from this harmful dynamic. 

This may include seeking the support of mental health professionals and legal advocates, as well as working to address and resolve underlying issues that may contribute to the alienation.

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