The impact of parental alienation on parent-child relationships
The impact of parental alienation on parent-child relationships

Parental alienation can have a significant and lasting impact on parent-child relationships.

 When a child is subjected to parental alienation, they may be led to believe that one parent is "bad" or unworthy of their love and affection, which can result in a breakdown of the parent-child relationship. 

The child may also feel torn between the two parents, which can cause emotional distress.

The effects of parental alienation on the child can be long-lasting and can impact their mental and emotional well-being. 

Children who have experienced parental alienation may have difficulty forming and maintaining relationships, may struggle with trust and attachment issues, and may have low self-esteem.

The impact of parental alienation on the alienated parent can also be significant. The parent may feel rejected and excluded by their child, which can be emotionally painful. 

They may also feel powerless and unable to do anything to repair the relationship with their child.

It is important for parents and children who have been impacted by parental alienation to seek support and professional help in order to address the issues and work towards rebuilding their relationships.

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