When you speak about kids in the toddler-preschool age group, the first thing that comes to our mind is "OMG! Another fit of TANTRUMS!!"😭😭

Almost 95% of children in this age group throw tantrums and love displaying episodes of meltdowns especially in unexpected situations, that put us parents in a state of embarrassment not knowing "what to do?" or how to handle the situation.. 😭😭

I remember, my son when he was around 2-3 yrs of age gave me such a hard time with his tantrums too...

He was an angel at home, but everytime I took him to the stores or shopping malls he would throw severe tantrums for chocolates and toys & literally lie down on the floor, screaming, crying, banging his head till he gets what he wanted..

It's the hard way that I learned my lesson & after a lot of observation and out of experience,  I finally understood how to deal with this situation..

These are the 5 Ways that I used to reverse the habit of Tantrums in my little one 🤗🤗

1) Never give-in to their tantrums, be assertive...( Your 'NO' should always mean a clear No, irrespective of what they do)

2) Train them to delay immediate gratification of their needs from a very young age. 

3) As a parent, never lose ur cool when your child is in the middle of a tantrum...doing so, will only aggravate his behavior

4) Avoid tantrum-triggering factors in your child (prevention is always better than cure right?! 😜😜)

5) Never resort to Distraction as the child would feel overlooked or 'unheard' of his feelings...There is a "need" that the child is trying to convey to you from this "attention-seeking" behaviour pattern... Understand the root cause of his/her need to cope with the situation effectively ...

So I hope that the next time your little princess/champ throws a tantrum, you have understood how to deal with the situation better right?

If you still feel unsure about this, check out my challenge opportunity..

Happy & Positive Parenting ❤️😃😃

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