3 Realistic Ways to break the Habit of Picky-Eating in your Child

3 Realistic Ways to break the Habit of Picky-Eating in your Child 🤦🤦🤦

As parents (especially moms) it's quite natural to be concerned about your child's nutritional intake when he/she is very particular about sticking to eating just few "specific" kinds of food

Hence, I will be talking about 3 tips that I have personally tried with my little bub ( who once was a picky-eater) & have succeeded in making him eat almost everything from the family-pot meals today 

1) 🧸🧸 Do Not Force-Feed Your Child:-

Just try putting yourself in your child's shoes & think- "How would you feel if you aren't hungry & someone is forcing you to eat??"

You will resist it right?

This is exactly what your child does when you try to force-feed them!..

Make eating a fun & positive experience for your child,where he is exploring different flavours, texture, shapes, colours & consistencies of food & actually ENJOYING his food!!!

Force-feeding robs you of this opportunity of helping your child to build a positive connection with food..

Over a period of time, your child will develop aversion towards food - running around the whole house at the sight of food,, & mealtimes become a marathon between you and your child 😭😭😭

2) 🧸🧸 Switch often, & Introduce a Variety of foods in your child's Diet:-

How would you feel if somebody tells u to eat same " daal-chawal" or "rice-veggies" all  3 meals a day for 1wk?

You would prefer not eating anything at all!!...

Kids are no different & we as parents should understand that

Monotonous food paves the way to feeling "bored" & your child loses interest in eating altogether!!

Ofcourse your child will not eat everything that you serve him on his plate (mostly), but little things like;

👉 Making his plate look more appealing

👉 Cutting bread/rotis in different shapes

👉 Finger foods to encourage selffeeding

👉 Having fixed but flexible meal times

These can make a huge positive difference in the way they perceive food...

3) 🧸🧸 NEVER  Load your child with Alternatives during Food-Rejection Phase:-

There could be many reasons why your child is not eating well:-

👉Growth spurts
👉 Teething
👉 Disturbed sleep
👉 Bloating or colic 
👉 Fever (under any medications)
👉Preference for particular texture of food 
👉 Simply does not feel like eating 😛

Whatever may be the reason - respect your child's need of the hour, & try making him eat after sometime (maybe wait for 30-60min)

Instead, if everytime you run into the kitchen to cook different alternative food choices for your child...( when he says NO to eating)

You are actually conveying him the message that only that which he wants to eat will be served to him on his plate 

( & this would in turn push him more to be a picky eater)😭😭😭

Hope this has been insightful to all the mommies that I had spoken to & who said that their primary challenge was their little one being a "picky-eater"😀😀

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