Teens Decision Making

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By allowing your teens to make decisions, you are building their confidence in their abilities to do so.

 As a parent, you can also provide input based on your life experiences to guide them, and point them in a direction that is pleasing to our Creator. 

 Your role is not to control and demand that your teens see everything as you do, but to teach them to love and trust who they are and their abilities to make good decisions.

Acting in a way that is pleasing to Allah and leaning on their intuition is pointing your teens back to their Fitrah.  This is where confidence grows.

  Your teens will learn to let Allah guide their decisions, and trust that any advice they get from you or others is a means that He has sent. 

 Their reliance on Allah grows more.  And they learn that insight into what to do next and what decision to take comes from Him. 

“Give your teen the opportunity to make their own decisions. 

 This will give rise to healthy, resilient young adults who listen to their God given intuition.”

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