Successful breastfeeding with lip tie
Successful breastfeeding with lip tie

Lip tie is a condition in which a thin piece of tissue under the lip, called the labial frenulum, is too short or tight. 

Lip tie can sometimes cause difficulties with breastfeeding, as it may make it difficult for the baby to latch on to the breast properly.

However, it is generally possible for mothers to successfully breastfeed their babies even if the baby has a lip tie.

 In many cases, the lip tie can be released through a procedure called a frenotomy, which involves cutting the tight tissue under the lip to allow the lip to move more freely.

There are also several strategies that mothers can use to help their baby breastfeed successfully even if the baby has a lip tie. 

These strategies may include:

  • Using a different breastfeeding position: Some positions, such as the football hold or the cross-cradle hold, may be more comfortable and effective for breastfeeding with a lip tie.

  • Using a nipple shield: A nipple shield is a thin, flexible silicone shield that fits over the nipple and can help the baby latch on more easily.

  • Consulting a lactation consultant: A lactation consultant can provide guidance and support on breastfeeding with a lip tie, including techniques for positioning and latching the baby.

It is important for mothers to seek guidance and support from their healthcare provider or a lactation consultant if they are experiencing difficulties breastfeeding due to a lip tie. 

With proper support and techniques, it is generally possible for mothers to successfully breastfeed their babies even if the baby has a lip tie.

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