Milk supply drop while traveling
Milk supply drop while traveling

It is common for the milk supply to drop while traveling, especially if you are breastfeeding. 

This can be due to a variety of factors, including stress, changes in routine, and being away from your baby.

 Here are a few tips that may help:

  1. Try to maintain a consistent feeding schedule as much as possible.

  2. Take breaks to relax and allow your body to rest.

  3. Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy, balanced diet to support your milk production.

  4. Consider pumping after feedings or between feedings to help stimulate your milk supply.

  5. If you are having trouble producing enough milk, it may be helpful to speak with a lactation consultant or your healthcare provider for additional support.

Remember that it is normal for the milk supply to fluctuate and it may take some time for it to adjust to your new routine while traveling. 

Be patient with yourself and try to stay as relaxed as possible.

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