How to keep a bored child busy

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How to keep a bored child busy

Here are a few ideas for keeping a bored child busy:

  1. Encourage them to engage in creative activities, such as drawing, painting, or making crafts.

  2. Have them help with household tasks, such as setting the table, sweeping the floor, or watering plants.

  3. Play games together, such as card games, board games, or outdoor games like tag or hide and seek.

  4. Take a trip to the library and let them choose books or movies to borrow.

  5. Go for a walk or bike ride and explore the neighborhood.

  6. Set up an obstacle course using pillows, blankets, and other household items.

  7. Engage in physical activity together, such as dancing, yoga, or playing sports.

  8. Encourage them to use their imagination and play pretend with dolls

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