How to keep a 2 year old busy at home

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How to keep a 2 year old busy at home

Here are a few ideas for keeping a 2 year old busy at home:

  1. Set up a play area with age-appropriate toys, such as blocks, dolls, stuffed animals, and puzzles.

  2. Engage in creative activities together, such as drawing, painting, or making crafts.

  3. Play music and dance together.

  4. Have a "sensory bin" filled with items that can be touched, smelled, and explored, such as sand, water, and small toys.

  5. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house, looking for specific objects or colors.

  6. Have a picnic in the living room or backyard.

  7. Read books together.

  8. Set up an obstacle course using pillows, blankets, and other household items.

  9. Play dress-up using old clothes and accessories.

  10. Have a tea party with dolls or stuffed animals.

It's important to remember that every child is different, and what works for one child may not work for another. 

The key is to find activities that are engaging and stimulating for your child.

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