How can I keep my 3 year old busy at home?

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How can I keep my 3 year old busy at home?

Here are some ideas for keeping a 3 year old busy at home:

  1. Set up a designated play area with toys and activities that your child can play with independently. This could include blocks, puzzles, dolls, or other age-appropriate toys.

  2. Engage in creative activities, such as painting, drawing, or making crafts. You can use household items like paper, glue, and scissors to create a variety of projects.

  3. Play games that promote physical activity, such as hide and seek, tag, or Simon Says.  This will help your child stay active and burn off some energy.

  4. Read books together and encourage your child to use their imagination. You can also make up stories together or act out scenes from their favorite books.

  5. Have your child help with household chores, such as sorting laundry or setting the table. This will teach them responsibility and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Overall, the key is to provide a variety of engaging and stimulating activities that will keep your child entertained and learning.

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