Activities to keep preschoolers busy
Activities to keep preschoolers busy

Here are a few ideas for activities to keep preschoolers busy:
  • Play dress-up and have a fashion show.
  • Have a dance party and play some fun music.
  • Create an obstacle course using household items like pillows, blankets, and chairs.
  • Set up a sensory bin with items like rice, beans, or pasta, and let the children explore and play with the different textures.
  • Have a coloring or drawing activity.
  • Set up a pretend play area with costumes and props.
  • Have a treasure hunt by hiding objects around the house and giving the children clues to find them.
  • Play a board game or card game.
  • Have a picnic inside or in the backyard.

It's important to provide a mix of structured activities and open-ended play to keep preschoolers engaged and entertained.

 Additionally, make sure to provide supervision and support as needed to ensure the safety of the children.

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