Dealing with Toddlers who kept on crying

Dealing with Toddlers who kept on crying

We can’t deal with toddlers

You find out what they want, what exactly it is that triggers and resolve whatever’s troubling them.

The biggest disadvantage that Toddlers are facing with adults (aka their parents) are that, they lack the proper lexicon to describe what they are feeling, what they want, etc.

Heck, even adults have this issue also.

Sit them down. Calm them down first, or a timeout with them. Then once they had calmed down, a drink of water is in order. Then clean up their face with a warm towel.

Next tell them about your feelings first. How were you feeling when they are crying. Try to keep it short and not go on a long tirade about your feelings because lets face it, your Toddler crying has nothing to do with you.

After that, ask them slowly. How are they feeling or what do they want. Use simple words.

Toddlers are sharp enough, they would take you on their hand or drag you to where they want you to be.

They would use hand to describe what they want you to do.

It’s your turn to listen to their descriptions and guess what they want you to do.

Once you are able to get what they want you to get, and you have done it for them.

They stop crying and the whole house is silence again.

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