Should siblings (different gender) be placed in same school?

Should siblings (different gender) be placed in same school?

I didn't know there were parents out there who would ask this question.

 😅 majority of us just send our kids to the same school regardless age, gender, character, relationship etc because of convenience.

Reasons for Siblings going to Same School

More convenient to send/ fetch, to apply for, to get adjusted and know how the school works.

Siblings should have shared memories and sharing the same schools is One of the ways they would have a shared memories. 

They can compare notes on canteen food, common teachers  

The older siblings will volunteer to send/fetch the youngest home 

 I am quite sure the emotional attachment is quite strong. 

Some of the school specific items can be reused too.

The learning curve gets much shorter with each kid despite changes in syllabus

Both Siblings would  lead different lives at different levels with different professional specialty and knowledge. 

They will not have clash timing for PTM or school events.

Easier logistics when all in same school

Disadvantages of Siblings going to the same School

But at times, daughters doesn’t want to go mixed school because boys are very naughty

They might not be in the same school as expected based on their various performance. 

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