Self Care Tips For Parents

Self Care tips for Parents

Many parents are after the perfect look of their sons and daughters while neglecting their own looks.

Because you are a parents doesn’t make you less a human.

Some mothers especially looks rough, they nearly forget how time pass, they forget how beautiful they are when single.

No wonder your husband’s always have a side chick or extra marital affairs.

Well, this is a topic we would like to talk about in details..

Tips for parents.

You can put on a face mask while your kid are in the bath tub…

Pluck the eyebrows/ rip off the mustache when you feel uglier than usual, retouch the hair when feeling greasy, shave your legs at least twice a week, whiten my teeth with charcoal every couple weeks.

  • Prioritise how to take care of yourself on a deeper level.

In order to truly prioritize yourself, you must believe that you are worth it.

Schedule your time on daily basis.

Reserve 20 mins in the morning just for yourself .

It may be a cup of tea you enjoy, to read, to meditate, a long bath…get relax and reconnect with yourself first else you don’t have the time.

Parents don’t know what to do, they would rather be marathoning In cleaning the house.

Get one evening blocked to have a long call or meeting up with a friend to share everything and get relaxed and most importantly Learn to say NO If you’re feeling run down .

As this is one of the important issues we forget during our self care.. Just take out few minutes of every day for just whatever you like to do and to relax.

Must spend some quality time with your favourite time pass like music,make up , writing etc

If you would like to add anything, please do.

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