Potty Training For a Baby


Potty Training For a Baby

Who is a baby?

A baby is an infant or someone that is born not less than a year old.To make it simpler, A Baby is an infant that is not up to a year old.So, any baby not older than one year is a baby. Once the infant is up to a year old and above, it becomes a Child .

What age should a baby be trained on potty?

Potty Training should start for a baby at the age of 3 Month .(12 weeks).By the time the baby grows older, it becomes a reflex and the baby would have gotten used to it.

Is one year old early for Potty Training?

One year old is not older for a potty training though it would be harder to train compared to 3 months old baby and yet a one year old baby would be easier to train compare to 2 or 3 years old child

Potty Training for a Baby.

This article is on how to train a baby less than a year. On our subsequent post, we would talk on how to train older baby.In Africa here, once a baby is 3 month old, the potty ttaining startThe moment the baby wakes up in the morning, the baby is placed in a potty while the mother makes a ssssssssssssssssssss noise to welcome the urine or poooo to welcome the poop.Sooner or later, the baby would be confortable sitting on the potty and as the baby grow older the baby recognise the potty , its uses and importance.

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