Meeting Your Daughters Boyfriend

Meeting your Daughters Boyfriend

This is a big thing for some parents.Africans especially Nigerians don’t ever wanted to meet their daughters boyfriend.

Is it possible for your daughter not to have a boyfriend?

Hiding your daughter in close doors with heavy armor Tank and the rest would not stop them from being bad.

What you got to do is to guide them right.

If you want to meet your daughters boyfriend have fun with it! This is a beautiful, nerve wracking, rewarding, empowering, and usually messy, part of parenting.

  • Make sure to have intentional and pointed conversations with the boys who want to date them.

Basically have this same conversation with your daughter first. Then with the boy.

  • First ask him to tell you what dating means to him. Tell him what it means to you as a parent , and explain some ground rules and expectations.

Next tell him that “My daughter is one of the most precious and valuable treasures in my life.” (verbatim)

Go on to explain that I am a far from perfect parent. This is my first time trying to raise my daughter.

I’m learning as I go, and trying to be gracious with my mistakes. It’s hard for me to trust that anyone is going to love her, care for her, and protect her with the same vigor as I do.

I hope for her to find a man who will lover her like a fairytale, care for her like royalty, and protect her like a priceless treasure.

Someone better than me. I honestly don’t know if I believe that is possible. I hope you will prove me wrong. I tell him that means at times he will even need to protect her from himself.

Ask if he wants to add anything.?

We talk about anything else he wants to talk about.

  • Then do your best to be a welcomed and influential part of their relationship.

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