keeping a baby warm in a car seat

keeping  a baby warm in a car seat

Winter is rolling in, and you might have a baby in a car seat that stays strapped into the car. 

When we want to leave the house the car seat is so cold. 

Are you worried the seat will be even colder when it snows or freezes outside?

So uninstalling and reinstalling might be a bit of a pain.

Always bring a warm blanket out to tuck around him once he’s strapped in. 

 What do you do to make your baby more comfortable or warm up their seat in a car?

The Following are what you can do to warm up your baby seat in a car

Warm up the car before you leave

 let the heater run and warm the car.

 Should really do that anyways for the car when it's cold out

Throw a blanket in the dryer for like 30 to 40 mins and throw it in the seat as you warm you car up 🤷🏻‍♀️ then they'd have a blankie also for the ride

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