Home Made Chapman


Home Made Chapman


*RECIPE* For chapmen

1/4 cup grenaldine (red) or base of cup of Ribena
1/3 cup fanta
1/3 cup sprite
Drops of angostura bitters
Ice cubes

METHOD of Making Chapman

Put ½ filled ice cubes in a cup, Add ¼ grenaldine syrup OR 4 table spoon black currants tasty time. Add equal measure of sprite and fanta,
Add drops of Augustura bitters or Campari or any bitters. Garnish with cucumber, umbrella and straw.


Angostura bitters can be replaced with Aperito/campari (use a capful per cup).

Grenaldine syrup can be replaced with Ribena/tasty time/mix to drink.

Note that for large parties, tasty time/mix to drink is best bet because it is more affordable than grenaldine syrup simply add little by little and add grenaldine.

Ensure you achieve that glowing red colour.

But the STANDARD RECIPE IS THE ANGOSTURA BITTERS. The aroma alone is so inviting and second to none!


Ice cubes are very important especially for big events and taste.

This is because the ice reduces quantity of drink poured into cup thereby giving more profit.

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