Early Years of ADHD in Children and how to cope as a Parent


Early years of ADHD in Children and how to Cope as a Parents


The early years of ADHD in Children and how to help


In Africa especially in Nigeria, we are as black upstairs as our skin colour.
We tend to blame the extra terrestrial powers for our misfortune when it is not.


Don’t we know that falling down during pregnancy, early stage of pregnancy development, early days of the child is very importance. This contribute to your child’s overall performance.


How do we cope as a parent if your child has ADHD?


It’s important to know that all behavior is our best attempt to get our needs met.

There’s always a reason behind the behavior. Our job as the parents is to help them figure out those unmet needs.


And help them get those needs met. But one of the biggest factors is that means that we have to be able to show up with some margin so that we are not getting triggered by their behaviors. It is possible! You’re not alone, nothing is broken, sometimes we just need some new tools.



Routine does help, decreases the workload on their brain.
Understanding motivation (this is where dopamine comes in) and knowing how to scaffold situations and experiences.



Developing patience on your part is having your own self-care cup full, managing your own stress responses to their tantrums and outbursts. If you’re regulated, you can take the time to notice and understand how to support them. It can feel relentless and never ending, but you can definitely get supports and change the day to day for the better.



Learning from an Experience Mother.

My daughter is 36 now but as a child she was very “out of it”. Not really present in the same mental sphere as me. Calling her elicited no response at all. When I finally got her attention she would only hear the first thing I said and the rest was “blowin’ in the wind”. so to speak. One instruction at a time. Multiple instructions had no chance whatsoever. Mealtime was daydream time for her so I would put food in front of her and while everyone else would pick up their forks and begin to eat, she would just sit there and make no effort to eat. She was constantly talking jibberish, because she was quoting TV shows, or commercials, or songs on the radio….which I didn’t recognize. By grade 6 I started to realize what was going on. I took her to a paediatrician who specialized in these types of disorders. She was put on meds right away. And she is still on them.Without them she would have had no chance at all academically. Not becauuse of intellignce, as she is very intelligent. But without being able to focus she was not able to manage time, remember assignments, do any kind of complex work because she would get bored before it was anywhere near done. There are pros and cons to meds but there are other things to consider.


Many ADHD patients have “comorbid conditions” which is to say that they have other disorders in addition to the ADHD such as autism, ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Depression, Anxiety, etc so parenting these kids is very difficult .


They are unable to organize themselves So they require structure and routines to be imposed on them. While one child might realize that they have different subjects to deal with and keep their schoolwork in different sections for each subject, the ADHD student will shove it all together and then later not be able to find anything in the pile. So for example a checklist for what is going to school and what should come home again….Hat, coat, mitts, snowpants,, boots, backpack, pencil case, lunchbox, etc should be on a laminated page that the student can then check while getting ready to go home again.



Otherwise they lose all their stuff. If you want to talk to them you can’t call them or talk to them across the room. You have to get right up in their face and make sure they are listening.

In All, don’t forget to

Put in place a routine,
Give Health foods
Try Out door activities
Participate in Healthy brain games and puzzles
Use Herbal essential oils for relaxation and sleep
Try going for Surgery Because surgery treat are only a treat and doesn’t work all the time,
Also research natural herb supplements

Good luck

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