Communicating with toddlers and newborn

Communicating with toddlers and newborn

Who is a Toddler

A Toddler is a baby whose age is between 1 – 3.

Child a newborn is an infant or baby that is less than a year old.

When do we start communicating with a toddler or a child.

Communication starts at the 3rd month of a baby. Toddlers are much easier to communicate with.

No one can ”talk” to our babies to know what exactly they want.

It’s jus a process for you to learn to read signs , their cries as every baby is different..

A Toddler will learn to understand what we said to them as we talk and teach them and response accordingly over time with gesture , actions or some noise.

So talk to Toddler often face to face.

You can use more hand gesture to sign to Toddler about what u want to let Toddler know, sign language is one way to early communication with Toddlers and newborn since they cannot talk much yet.

As a parents you have to learn to look out for signs for hunger, tiredness, wet/soiled diapers or unwell.

As months go by, you will get more familiarised with these signs.

You can look up baby sign language and teach them at certain months old onwards, so that they can let you know through hand gestures.

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