Helping a Child that Lost things in School

Helping a child that lost things in School

As a parent, there are things you need to know and have a wide knowledge about.


I still remember myself loosing things in school and I think some parents are having that problem too with their child.


I was you to know that it is Totally normal If your child lost things in school.


Imparting punishments or criticism will only make him feel like he’s lacking (inducing shame) instead skill him up.


Solution to Child loosing things in School


Label everything and try to model some organisation skills such as,
just before leaving for sch, ‘what do you need? Coat? (“Check”) gloves (“check”)drink (“check”)’


Make it light hearted. It’s normal to not be very organised at that age
Instead of nagging him, the best way that has worked for me was to let him live through the consequences & inconvenience if the child is old enough to understand. You can’t use this method on a 2 year old child.



Everyday when you pick him up from school check everything, if has forgotten something send him to his teacher to bring it to you.


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