Biggest Challenges you faced when it comes to Keeping your Marriage

Biggest Challenges you faced when it comes to keeping your Marriage


Wow, this is an interesting topic of discussion and we would try and do justice to it.


This is one of the reasons why many wives have left their husband or reasons why many men don’t have a wife anymore.


Marriage is a daily workout that you do to make the marriage work.


After the ceremony, you need to keep up with the marriage for a life lasting companionship.


Some are having Intercourse Denial
A man said Since my wife delivered baby 3 months ago she has denied him twa twa twa!!.


Who is to blame here?

Is it the man or the woman?

Let us ask, what was her delivery method?


Was it normal or through CS?

If your wife baby delivery was normal, the issue of intercourse would be between you guys to settle it out.


Because you need to know if she is a first timer or not.


But it’s not easy as a man to hold up till 3 month.


You can ask your fellowman how he did it.



Some woman who are not pregnant neither do they just delivered starve their husband their marital rights on bed.


Are you doing yourself a Favor?

You think there are no woman or lady out there to satisfy him?

Do you think your husband is under punishment?

Continue till another woman snatch your beloved husband.


Family Time as Couple

After kids, managing a family is not always easy for both parents.


The man would be complaining that she doesn’t have his time, also the woman would have one or two reason to complain.


Unless both of you are ready to make it work, it would not work.


You met your wife before your children, so likewise she met her husband before the kids.


The couple need to have some personal loving time together without the kids or children involved to spice up the marriage.


You can keep the children with grandparents .


General Support


Some ladies want the House chores to be shared responsibility between the couple.


I think the husband should be considerate enough to assist but you ladies should not make it the man’s Job. Men don’t want to be told what to do.


Husband, please assist your wife in chores like plates, clothes if there is washing machine.


To be a widower is not easy, don’t kill your wife with stress Biko.


Never enough time for sleep or personal hygiene


Too much work at times make it hard for your wife to get enough sleep. I always beg my wife to sleep.



Sometimes I wake up at night to see if she is truly sleeping.


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