Force Feeding a Baby, an Act to stop

Force Feeding a Baby, an Act to stop

… and off to the pool, not known to the young rich man that his death is near. In the middle of their celebration, all the five friends dashed down the pool and finally, the h£inous crime was committed.

He (the young rich man) struggled for his survival but asphyxiation denied him life, as he was drowned by his friends.

This story made me shed tears as the young man died untimely…

So is the story of an infant struggling in his mother’s cage for his life as he is denied his breath.

Good number of our mothers play the role of these evil friends in the story above by engaging in force-feeding practice.

Force-feeding is the practice of feeding a human or animal against their will. It is an aged long practice in child care and common among African mothers.

In the mother’s sitting position, she lays the baby on her laps using fingers to frequently block the nose of the child, and in a bid for the child to breathe, he opens his mouth and the liquid from other mother’s hand goes into the child’s mouth.

Though, this technique is practised by those who are masters at it, it does not still rule out its dangers.

Normally, trachea is supposed to receive air to the lungs and esophagus is supposed to receive food to the abdomen. And both can not be open at the same time.

By natural occurrence, the trachea in the front is covered for food to pass through to the esophagus, but this so called genius feeding technique forces baby to do both (receive air and food) in a sharp switch.

And the risk there is that food can enter into the trachea and makes the child to choke and likely die of asphyxiation (death due to lack of oxygen)

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PS: grown ups can also be grabbed

and forced to eat in some cases.


GAVAG£: refers to supplying a substance by means of a small plastic feeding tube passed through the nose or mouth into the stomach.

Popularly used in psychiatric setting where patients refuse dietary intake. Also used in prison when prisoners go on hunger strike (though this has been prohibited since 1975).

Written by

Kolawole Sodiya

Child Development Coach,

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