Communication is one of the most important aspects of parenting. It helps you bond with your kids better.

 You will be able to teach them values and watch them become more effective. 

We will be studying a subject on training your kids to communicate better.

Communication could be verbal in the form of spoken words to convey information to your kids. It involves the content of the message and how the message is communicated (the tone and pitch).

Communication could also be non-verbal 
in the form of body language like gestures, eye contact, and facial expressions to communicate.


 – Listening to them and not engaging in other tasking activities. Children deserve to be understood. Active listening is listening attentively and intentionally to what the kids are saying. It is getting to their level of understanding, looking at them, and asking them follow-up questions like, "What?" “Where?”, “How?”, and “why?”.

 Our kids can quickly detect when we are absent-minded, stuck on the phone, laptop, or a book while pretending to listen. 

Do you want to bond and connect with your kids? Gestures, nods, and active eye contact portray active listening.

 So, how do you teach them better communication? It is by being an active listener yourself.

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