Solution to breastfeeding Mothers not Producing enough milk

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Solution to breastfeeding Mothers not Producing enough milk 

New mothers are always worried about when would their breast start producing milk for their babies. 

It takes time for milk to fully come in. 

Newborns can eat for 45 minutes and then be hungry 15 minutes later. It may seem like they aren't getting enough... but they are since they only require such a small amount of milk in the first few days.

It takes time and it's perfectly normal for baby to lose some weight in the couple weeks! 

I can tell you care a lot! Milk letdown can take a while.

 First few days you produce colostrum around day 3-5 some milk comes in. 

 Don’t be too hard on yourself! 

Keep baby close to your skin and on the boob! It’s ALOT of work but it's worth it. 

Pump and nurse is all it’ll feel like the first few weeks! Then your body will regulate into a more normal routine.

Pump for 15 minutes after each feed, make sure you are eating and drinking enough.

  If you use formula to supplement an entire feed, be sure to pump for about 20 minutes. 

Most of the time, with breastfeeding, supply equals demand. If you don't pump when you give formula, your supply will decrease.

I would suggest to start doing skin time as much as possible with your new born. It has magical results on milk production. 

I know easier said then done but please try to relax as much as you can. 

Ask someone to give you a relaxing massage if possible. 

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