Stay at home mom Overcoming depression and anxiety

Stay at home mom Overcoming depression and anxiety

Depression in Mothers is very common and it happens when you are not happy to do what you used to do before.

Causes of Depression in Mothers

Your body is not what it is before, you don’t get enough sleep like before, you are extra stress than before, you are left with plenty of work and work and you barely have time for yourself.

stay at home mom depression signs /Symptoms

Feeling bad about youself

Not always Happy about yourself and life in General

Always getting bored

Wanting to Run away and abandoned everything

Don’t know what to do

Do stay at home mom get depression?


Solution to Stay at Home mom getting depressed

Praying, cleaning, tidying, reading more about faith and reason for my existence.

Going to park with a baby or a walk with baby..

Find a ParT time job as a Mom

If it’s possible go for a walk a little exercise does a lot for mental health.

Just take a break from the house stroll target or somewhere and get out of the house

Find a mom group where you meet other moms and Chat.

Go out and walk every day with a friend at a new place.

Go swimming with your baby.

Find the calm and break up the routine.

Look into new Hobbies like craft and DIY

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