What Age can you send your kids errands


What Age can you send your kids errands

So many parents are always eager to send their kids an errand either to buy something for them or do something for them.

Sending kids on errand mostly ease the stress on their parents.

At what age can you send your kids errands?

Age is not really a factor nowadays because the world is not what it used to be anymore.

But rather consider the following factors before sending your kids an errand.

How safe is your city and area

Security is a major challenges throughout the world these days. We have kidnappers ever where, ritualism everywhere and other stuff.

Is your area safe for you to send your kids errands?

If you can answer the question, then you have no problem sending your kid an errand

Distance from your house to the destination

How far is your house to the place you send your kids to? Is it far from your house? Is it closer to your house.

Don’t send your kids to a far distance.

Age of the kids

What is the age of the kids in question?

The older the kids, the better the knowledge of the kids. You cannot compare the knowledge of a 5 year old kid with that of a 13 year old kid.

If the kids is 12 years old, let the kids go out with friends so that if anything happens, there would be a witness and they may help each other.


What are you trying to achieve with this?

Ask yourself this question?

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