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KFC Chicken Recipe

KFC CHICKEN RECIPE.  ............................ Ingredients 1 whole chicken, cut into pieces 3 beaten eggs 4 tablespoons oil For the co…

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Constipation in 5year old

Constipation in 5year old Sometimes our child has constipation, couldn't defecate.  What do we do as a parent to stop constipation in…

Salt Tips for Mothers

15 SALT TIPS AND TRICKS 16. Salt can be used as a preservative method for meat, fish or vegetables. It helps to prevent bacteria growth. …

Care of Baby's lip during winter

Care of Baby's lip during winter  With the onset of winter our baby's lips are becoming very dry and rough.  Please how do we take care of th…


HOW TO MAKE SPRING ROLLS ingredients: 300 grams minced chicken breast-  250g cabbage (finely shredded/grated) 4 medium sized carrots (pee…

Condensed Milk Cookies

Condensed Milk Cookies  3 ingredients for condensed Milk cookies  Ingredients  1 cup plain flour  1/2 cup grated cold butter  1/4 cup swe…

Parenting tips picture of the Day

Parenting tips picture of the Day The picture said it all

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